M Seng Lu, at the Coachella (Day 2 & 3)

Super model, M Seng Lu, continued attending the Coachella festival in California as her day 2 & 3. Coachella is one of the largest and most famous music festival in United States and even in the world. The famous K-Pop Girls Band, 2NE1, reunited in the Coachella too.

M Seng Lu, continues sharing her Day 2 & 3 photos at the Coachella.

Day 2 at the Coachella

She wore the green balaclava on her head and black bra with marijuana stickers. The black bra and the khaki pant combined with the balaclava make her look like a sexy and confident girl.

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Day 3 at Coachella

The fashion looks unique on the Day 3 of M Seng Lu at the Coachella. She looks like an Egyptian princess by putting some white gems on her face and alluring with pink dress.